Book review of Big Change, Small Groups by Heather Zempel

A little about the author. Heather Zempel serves as the Pastor of Discipleship at National Community Church in Washington D.C. She is an incredible leader and someone in whom I’ve sat under at the Orange Conference in April 2018 as she led a breakout about adult small groups. 

Heather and the team at Orange "have attempted to boil down the small group leader mission to four primary tasks", which are detailed incredibly well in this book. Those four points are: 

  1. Be Present

  2. Create a Safe Place

  3. Make It Personal

  4. Move Them Out

Heather goes on the reveal the job of a SGL (small group leader), whether for a group of kids, teens or adults, you care, you love, you delight, you share. 

I would recommend this book to any seasoned small group leader/pastor or even to those who are just curious as to what leading a small group requires. What I’ve gleaned from this book is that all I need to do to be effective is to show up, keep things safe, engage with my few, equip my few so that each engages their own group of a few. 

Small group leaders, get this book in to the hands of your small group leaders/Sunday school teachers/Community Group leaders/etc. Invest in them just a little and watch as they invest a lot in their few.