How to Retain Small Group Leaders webinar with Frank Bealer & Chris Kim

The folks at Lead A Better Story wrapped up a 3-part series on adult small groups talking about how to retain small group leaders in your church. Frank Bealer was back as host and was joined on the webinar by Chris Kim, a Community Groups Director with North Point Ministries. Frank and Chris provided lots of great information and also opened the floor for some questions by the attendees. Here's a recap of my takeaways from the webinar.  

  • What has worked really well in retaining SGL’s at North Point? Developing a relational culture with volunteers. 
  • As a Small Groups Coach/Director/Pastor, you must prioritize the relationships with your leaders. 
  • How to take care of all SGL’s? Connect with each one individually at least twice a year and put them in a room with other leaders as often as you can. Give them time to just chat with other leaders to discuss what’s happening in their small groups, how are they dealing with specific types of people, etc. 
  • What is the one common thing leaders are asking for? What curriculum/study to use. As the Small groups Pastor, have a list of some suggested tracks for small groups to go through. 
  • What is the best piece of advice for a new small groups pastor? Recruiting/developing quality leaders. Focus on pastoring the leaders of the small groups and let those leaders pastor their small group.

If you are a Small Groups Pastor, consider a great resource from the folks at Lead a Better Story. They are offering a monthly system to recruit, train and retain the adult small group leaders in your church. Visit: for more details.