Recap from Lead a Better Story webinar with Frank Bealer & Carey Nieuwhof

The team at ReThink Group has developed an incredible resource for Adult Small Group Pastors and leaders called Lead a Better Story. Lead a Better Story is a monthly system to recruit, train and retain great leaders for adult small groups. Frank Bealer, Executive Director of leadership Development at Orange has been hosting a very informative 3-part webinar on recruiting, training and retaining adult small group leaders. Here's a recap from the webinar with Carey Nieuwhof, founding and teaching pastor of Connexus Church, in Toronto, Canada area and also the host of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast which can be found on any medium used to listen to podcasts. Here are some notes from the webinar:

How do we find great leaders- starts and ends with culture!

If you don’t know what your culture is, it’s probably bad. 

Culture tends to get worse with time. 

People are too driven or too lazy.

Culture percolates through the groups.

What are some of the things that we can do to help create a good, healthy culture? 

Culture holds us together in the gap. 

Culture operates 24/7 

Battle mediocrity.

Churches major in mediocrity.

Am I allowing what is good, stand in the way of becoming great. 

Choose trust. 

If you want to create a great small group or a great culture, choose trust. 

If you aren’t clear, haven’t delivered value, the moderate to high capacity volunteers in the room are thinking “strike one, perhaps even strike two”. 

Trust is confidence. 

Get the culture right, come through with trust; it improves recruiting. 

If it fails, it affects current and future recruiting. 

Setting the bar too low- making exceptions to serving. We cast the vision that way. 

We are looking for leaders who are ready to build into other people. 

Get a different caliber of leader when we set the bar high. 


I hope these notes inspire you or your team to become great adult small group leaders/pastors. If you'd like to find out more about Lead a Better Story, visit