Episode 3: Put Me In Coach (Why Coaching Matters in KidsMin)

Kid's/Family Pastor Tom Bump joins us in this episode to talk about the importance of having a coach/mentor in your life/ministry to help walk through both transitional and non-transitional times in ministry. Tom shares with us how we can obtain further information about his coaching program called KMC Coaching and the two levels of coaching that are available.

https://forms.gle/uEbWFiaqh4Mnn4Xq7 - Group coaching

https://forms.gle/HMqLkQ1MqT1jYRZx90 1:1 coaching

KidsMin Talk is also giving away a $25 scholarship to the first person who leaves a review over on iTunes. To find out more information or to get in touch with Tom, visit KMCCoach.net.

Thanks for listening.