How your church can be FOR the Family

Church leader, one of the things that's likely on your mind quite often is simply how can we make a greater impact on the families attending our church. What is the secret anecdote to seeing more families walk in the doors of our church on Saturday's and Sunday’s having won the week with their kids? I'd like to take just a moment to present, what I believe, is that resource, to help your families win. It’s called Parent Cue LIVE. 

Let’s dive in a little bit into what Parent Cue LIVE is about. New this year, in a two-hour experience on the night before Orange Tour, we will help every parent become more connected to your community of faith and more intentional at home. Give parents a better reason to partner with your church by inviting them to join us at Parent Cue Live! 

At this unique gathering parents will…

  • REDISCOVER what their kids need most in every phase

  • REPRIORITIZE how they engage with their kids every week

  • REIMAGINE how to dialogue with their kids about critical issues

  • RETHINK ways to partner with a church to impact their kid’s future

There is not a church or family that couldn’t use this special night! If you are registered for Orange Tour already, your ticket for this event is covered. Would you like to present a date night possibility for couples in your church? This is it! Take advantage of the years of research and work that Kristen Ivy, Reggie Joiner, and others have poured into this incredible opportunity. 

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