The Power of "Live": Format and Scheduling

If following up with my original post on The Power of "Live", here is a look at my format and schedule for going “live” each day of the week.

Monday Minute: Share a brief verse or bit of encouragement preferably before the morning commute to work. 

Taco Tuesday: This one can be as long as you want, although I would suggest never going over 5-6 minutes. Its purpose is to share the one thing “today” or “this week” you are most looking forward to. This may best be suited to do before lunch. 

Wednesday's in the Word: Find a verse or passage to share and perhaps a brief point or two from the verse or passage. I would try to go "live" with this over lunch so that folks have an opportunity to follow along if desired.

Thankful Thursday: Share with your viewers one thing that you are thankful for this week and then encourage them to drop a line in the comments section of something they are thankful for. The timing for this could be in the afternoon or evening time. 

Family Friday: The idea behind this is to share an event or two within your community happening that weekend or perhaps sometime in the next week or two that families could take part in together. Maybe it’s a movie review or a trampoline park is hosting a family night. Share it with your followers. Have this out by lunchtime to give spouses an opportunity to communicate ahead of time. 

Soak it in Saturday: What’s the one thing you are really mulling over this week? Is it something you’ve read in scripture, a book, magazine article or something a friend shared. I would aim for the morning time for this format, preferably before the "honey-do's" get started. 

Sunday Funday: What victories or successes are you celebrating this week? Where have you seen God at work over this last week? Sunday evening may be the best time for this broadcast to celebrate things that perhaps happened at church over the weekend. 

That’s my schedule and approach. I’ll always ask viewers to leave a comment as well to what I am talking about that day. Be strategic with when you go “live” so that your followers begin to sense a rhythm and know that they can expect you to be on at whatever time unless otherwise specified.