Welcome to kidsmintalk.com, ministry leaders.


What I hope you find...

My goal with this website is you help you, ministry leader in this season of your ministry. I have been serving in church ministry for over 20 years and with that has come a lot of experience to share with you, in hopes of making your role in ministry easier. 

I've got five different resources on this site that you can hopefully be of some help to you.


For the Church

a general church leadership blog space and a lot of general conference material can be found there.

For the Children 

shares some resources from my time in children's ministry and will also feature some posts from children's ministry specific conferences and meetings that I've attended or been a part of.

For the Community

details my heart for outreach and how effective meeting people where they are at in life can be.

For MY Community

dives into adult small groups and the impact that investing in a few over time can have.


Finally, I've got some podcast resources available that are children's ministry specific that I would love for you to listen to. If there are additional resources that you are looking for, please reach out and I will do whatever I can to help you get what you need. Thanks for stopping by and I pray this site is a blessing to you and all those you minister to.