What I Did With a Night Off from Church

Ministry leaders, it’s not often that we get time off, much less on a Sunday. It kind of comes with the territory and something that we pretty much signed up for when we said yes to Jesus and serving Him in the local church. When we do get a morning or evening off, we likely don’t want to spend it in church elsewhere, but that’s what I did and am so thankful for it. 

Here are 3 reasons for taking the opportunity to visit a different church in your community: 

  1. The opportunity to see what others in your ministry field are doing. I believe in this, “If I’m not learning, I’m not leading.” One of the things that is good for ministry leaders to do is to take a look at what other churches are doing, especially when they are live. My family visited a couple of “Orange” churches recently and I came away with a lot in how these two churches were taking the same curriculum that I use, and make it work in their ministry setting. It doesn’t mean that I need to lead as they are leading or presenting as they are presenting, but it does allow the opportunity to see how the same thing can be done differently.

  2. The opportunity to worship with those in your community and not thinking about “work”. Being able to just take in church with nothing but the Lord on your mind, is awesome. Here’s a recap from our experience recently. My wife and I were able to just sit back and enjoy a night of great worship music, prayer and time in God’s Word. It didn’t hurt that the Pastor was preaching from my favorite passage of scripture either (Acts 2:42-47). Now, I did take mental notes of what this church was doing in their presentation of things (welcome, parking lot team, coffee, worship atmosphere, sermon, etc.), but being in ministry, that’s just what we kind of do I suppose. Again, it goes back to wanting to be better. 

  3. The opportunity to network with others in your ministry field. If I’m being totally honest, I used to see the neighboring churches as competition instead of team mates. I’ve felt like everyone needed to be attending “my” church. Pretty selfish attitude that I’ve repented from thankfully. If you are a staff member, outside of conferences and networking events, you likely don’t have many opportunities to connect with those who share the same ministry roles as you do. I got to do that tonight and it was so refreshing. We have the same goals, the same passions and desires, and we want to help meet kids and families right where they are at and connect them to this great big God that we worship and serve. There’s really nothing better than that!

I highly recommend you taking the opportunity to visit another church in or around your community. Make yourself known. Let your walls down. Take the opportunity to let some walls and expectations down and just enjoy being in the presence of God with another community of believers.