Sweet Summertime

Hello #kidmin friends! School is over, pools are open, vacations have begun. That must mean only one thing, sweet summertime!

Now, for those of you not as blessed to be connected and serving in a kidmin environment, you are missing out on so much. First of all, the stories kids have to share. Oh you know what stories I'm talking about too! The ones you would never want leaked into public knowledge!!!! Yeah, well guess what, we have them too and it's something you can laugh about later on! Secondly, it's VBS season! 

That's right, Vacation Bible School SEASON! It's not anything like the 4 seasons we experience on a yearly basis and it's anything but a vacation for the VBS Director but, it is an incredible time for the church to come together and outreach a whole community! Sounds fun right?!?!?!?!?!? Ask your VBS Director how you might could plug in! I guarantee you that there is a special place just for you. 

Another fun thing about sweet summertime is summer camp! You know, when you take a bunch of kids off to some remote location in the woods and leave them there with no means of communicating to mommy and daddy every night??? HAHAHAHA That doesn't sound like summer camp but rather like summer detention. Summer camp is so much fun and helps provide an out of the box experience for kids to see God at work in their lives away from church and away from home. 

How about "Promotion Sunday"? It's that one Sunday of the year where you've got leaders and parents all teared up that Johnny and Sue are moving on to another class or ministry. I've got one of those "Johnny's" myself transitioning out of our kidmin environment into the student ministry environment! Scary for all parties involved.

Finally, back to school! The day and week all parents are looking forward to come late July. Kids are going crazy, food bill has tripled in just a short time and you don't have to hear "I'm bored" until the following summer. 

Parents, take advantage of summer with your kids. Enjoy them. It's the last summer they'll have at that age. Kidmin leaders, take a deep breath. We have no offseason and yet, this is definitely the time to remind yourself that we are not running the 40 yard dash to September. Make memories with your kids, they'll be moving to student ministry soon enough!