Book Review- Prayer Pact A 30 Day Prayer Journal for Kids by Ron Brooks

From time to time I’ll come across a Children’s Ministry resource that I believe is a true game changer. Now I know, that’s totally subjective and only my opinion, but, that opinion comes from someone who has been serving in KidsMin for 16 years and has come across thousands of resources over the years for kids and families, so at least there’s that little bit that may carry some weight for you. The resource I’ve come across is called Prayer Pact: A 30 Day Prayer Journal for Kids authored by Kid’s Pastor, Ron Brooks. Here’s just a brief review of the book and an opportunity for you to get your hands on one for free (details at the end of this post).

The first thing I’ve noticed when opening the book, Ron gives the reader a 3 point way to think about prayer. Those 3 points are communicating with God, talking to god, listening to God. Pretty easy stuff at the end of the day that even adults have a hard time wrapping their minds around.

Secondly, Ron digs in to some best practices on times that we could/should pray. Think about your own prayer life. When do you pray the most? The least? Does it come in seasons?

Another point the author shares early on in this is what to pray for. While this prayer journal is geared for kids, he shares a lot of wisdom and insight that even adults could use in their lives. The great thing about this portion is that it’s all based on scripture and he shares those verses throughout.

Finally, before getting into the journaling part of the book, Ron lays out a model to use when journaling the things a child is praying for. He uses the acrostic PACT which stands for Praise, Ask, Confess, Thanksgiving. What a great idea to help structure the prayer time of a child and adult.

The 30 day journaling begins after this great introduction and instruction of how to best use the prayer journal and each day includes a verse or small passage of scripture for the user to read before journaling that day. Ministry leaders and parents, do your child a favor and give them an opportunity to grow closer to our great God today. By beginning to discipline themselves in prayer at an early age, the depth of growth and closeness to their Creator will all be worth it when it’s said one day, “Well done good and faithful servant”.

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