How The Orange Conference can change an entire community

Do you have a heart for your community? Do you struggle from time to time with the question "How can our church become more impactful?" Have you searched and searched only to come up short with ideas of vision boosters for your church or ministry? I have a possible answer to those questions: the Orange Conference.  

I am the Children's & Outreach Pastor at our church. Two big roles that require lots of attention and constant brainstorming, planning and praying. In everything that I am working on, I'm asking this one question: "How will this impact our community?" It's ingrained in my brain because I simply don't want to do anything that isn't impactful and isn't going to reach the unchurched in our neighborhood and surrounding areas. You probably think along that same thought process as well. You want to be as impactful as possible with a sermon you are preparing, worship services your worship is rehearsing for, a small group lesson you've studied for multiple hours this week. You want to help lead life change in your church and in your community. Attending the Orange Conference has done just that for me. 

In 2016, I left the Orange Conference with an idea to start passing out popsicles and cold bottles of water in our local parks. Once the summer hit, we took a canopy tent and snocone machine and went into neighborhoods offering free snocones. What kid or adult doesn't like that stuff? Those free treats were the tools to start great conversations with folks of all ages. Our church has reaped in two areas because of these opportunities: families within our church serving their neighbors and families within our community attending our church because of a tasty summertime treat. 

This year's theme for Orange Conference is titled ONE VOICE: We Can Do More Together. I would say that if you are seeking some fresh ideas, an opportunity to encourage and be encouraged from ministry leaders all across the world, you will want to find yourself in Atlanta, Georgia April 25-27, 2018. If you sign up by December 14, 2017, you'll get $70 off your ticket which results in the lowest ticket price before the conference starts. Visit to sign up today or to gather further information.