YouLead Labs Wednesday PM Edition

The afternoon sessions of the YouLead labs were just as informative as the ones from the morning sessions. I sat in on a session about what volunteers want from their leader led by Gina McClain. She is such a dynamic speaker and has the ability to connect with her audience immediately. It didn't hurt that she had some really awesome Charlie Brown and Snoopy shoes on. Here are some key points she made in her breakout: 

How do you communicate when you delegate? Big Asks vs Small Tasks

A big ask is a mindset that conveys vision, clarify the win, and it’s going to have trust. 

Small tasks- You have a mindset that wraps around a detailed to-do list (has a micromanagement feel)

You have to find the right leader to delegate to. When people see what God can do through them, their level of commitment will astound you. 

How are you developing those you lead? 

Coaching is consistently keeping the vision in front of your volunteer. 

Coaching teaches your volunteers how to think.

Again, great stuff from @ginamcclain and I would encourage you to connect with her as she is just flat out, an incredible leader.

My second PM lab was presented by the Go Weekly team as they discussed created a social media strategy that can engage parents and help train leaders. This breakout was essentially a big plug for the Weekly tool that I use every week and has been an absolute game-changer in my ministry. You can find out more about Weekly at goweekly.com.