Remember When?

Let's play a little game if you don't mind. A little game I like to call, "Remember When?" Here's how you play: I'll ask you a question that starts with "Remember when" and you insert the appropriate response. Easy, right? Let's begin.

Remember when in that one season in your life when you had someone invest in you? 

Here's another good one: Remember when you felt like what you were doing was making a difference in someone else's life? 

Last one: Remember when you went to that big conference and wish you could bring your entire team, paid and/or volunteer? 

I hope you liked my little game of Remember When! I can't really answer questions one and two for you but I sure can answer number three.

Perhaps you were among the 8,000 or so ministry leaders at Orange Conference 2018 and left there wishing that your entire team could have been there. Well, there's a way to get the best of #OC18 in your backyard and be able to get your team there. It's called Orange Tour 2018 or #OT18 for short. For one day only, June 7, tickets will be the absolute cheapest that you can get them for an amazing $50 off. That's right, a ticket for #OT18 is only $69. That price includes lunch, incredible breakouts, engaging main stage speakers, plus the awesome opportunity to network with other great ministry leaders like yourself.

Don't wait, sign you and your team up today to take advantage of the lowest price available.