It's Personal- bringing the BEST of OC19 to your team

Hello leaders! If you are anything like me, you spend lots of time and energy trying to find new ways to pour into your leaders. You’re looking for the latest book, podcast, blog, etc. in hopes of finding something refreshing and specific to an area of your ministry that you want your team to come away more knowledgable in. If I told you that I may very well have that resource for you, would you believe me? What if I told you that this resource has been presented before 8,000+ ministry leaders just like yourself, you can obtain this resource for a great price, and, the months and months of preparation put into this resource may even be in your area, would you believe me then? What if this resource has the ability to help change the way you see kids, the kids that live right around your church or neighborhood? I have the resource that you need to tap into. It’s called Orange Tour, and it’s likely coming to a city near you.

Orange Tour is a traveling one day conference that comes to cities all throughout the U.S. this Fall. Voices from Reggie Joiner to Carey Nieuwhof to Danielle Strickland and Ryan Leak share about how we, as ministry leaders, can make it personal for every kid and teenager in your community.

One of the great things about this one day conference if that you don’t have to pay big conference money to attend. Orange Tour is strategically priced to enable churches big and small to bring more of their team which helps build stronger and more unified teams. At the cost of $79 today (June 13, 2019) only, you will want to take advantage of the opportunity today.

Visit orangetour.org to register today!

Orange Conference Main Session 7 #OC19

Bob Goff!

Gerald Fadayomi (@geraldfadayomi)- Do you know what I can do? I know that you are capable of and it’s so much more. Get in the boat. Speak to their need. It requires us to show up. To not just show up Sundays, but be present Mondays through Saturdays. Call them to more. There is no age requirement to be a member of the body of Christ. Students will do more when they're invited to do more. What if we started doing ministry with students instead of just for students. We need you at 5, 6, 7, 10 and all the way to 18. What if we spent more time trying to get student to show up to church and spent more time getting volunteers to show up in their lives.

Bob Goff (@bobgoff)- Everybody Always. I think what we can do is we can speak to people and be available to them. But we need to speak words of love and truth. God needs people who know Scripture and will be available to people and speak to them in love. If you want to be all alone, you're going to hate heaven. Deal with the pieces in the middle, that's what we need to do with young people. Don't make people a project, people are people. We can give people words of correction, but we can do it with love. We ought to talk about people behind their back all the time. We just need to be talking about the right stuff. The world is filled with difficult people, and you're one of them! You want to dazzle Jesus. Go. Be. You. We're going to describe the mystery of the Gospel of Christ but we're all just a little bit afraid. What it's going to take for us to love people, is a little more faith. A courageous person that knew why he was doing what he was doing. There's something beautiful that happens when you get personal. Make it personal with your family. Coffee drinks me to wake up. The thing that makes me unique, can also be my weakest point. We need to bring it back to Jesus. Keeping our eyes fixed on the Author and Creator of Life.

Orange Conference Main Session Six #OC19

We’re back after a welcomed lunch break with another great session of communicators.

Sam Collier (@samcollier)- What you don’t know can hurt you. First lesson Sam learned, you can’t talk to old people that way. The second lesson Sam learned is that sometimes you just have to get out of the way. The third lesson Sam learned is that you’re not allowed to teach your wife anything. What are your blindspots? What leaders are in your life that can look into those dark places and help bring you to higher places? Don’t get some focused on your public image that you miss your personal issues.

Reggie Joiner (@reggiejoiner), Kristen Ivy (@kristen_ivy), Dr. Deborah Tillman (@DeborahLTillman), Dan Scott (@danscott77)- Families need encouragement universally. God had called me to have a mindset to mend them, heart to love them, spirit to serve them. Stop building walls and start building bridges.

Clay Scroggins (@clayscroggins)- No more hiding in church. You’ll never change the way the community sees church until you change the way church sees the community. The only way you'll change the way people see other people is when you start seeing other people. What could we do to start understanding the people outside out building? You take it personally when your connection with someone becomes personal. Jesus was moved not by what they believed, but by what they did because of what they believed. If our goal is to be the hope for the world, we’ve got to stop hiding in our church.

Reggie Joiner, David Salyers (@davidgsalyers)- Do you know what matters to me? The beginning of wisdom is humility. Chick fil A is now known more for their service than their food. Our mission is to improve the story of the people we do business with. How do we improve the stories of those we are trying to reach?

Orange Conference Main Session Five #OC19

WOW!!! What a start to Friday in session four, but don’t worry, session five will pack a heavy punch as well!

Kara Powell (@KPowellFYI)- Helping parents know they measure up. Guilt is feeling bad about what we do, shame is feeling bad about who we are. Jesus makes us enough! We are enough because Jesus makes us enough. 6-13-18-23 represent 4 ages of phases that parents need to know they measure up. You are enough because Jesus made you enough. Jesus is bigger than our mistakes. Sometimes as leaders, we don’t feel like we are enough. At age 6 parents need to know Jesus is bigger than our mistakes At age 13 it is ok for parents to be behind in tech and you could navigate it At age 23 parents need to know that this chapter is choppy but you are enough. Jesus is actually more than enough.

Carlos Whitaker (@loswhit)- Do you know where I Live. Jesus never ministered from a distance, it was always close up. He ministered in the homes of people. The more personal it gets, the messier and riskier it gets. But, ultimately, the more holy it gets. HOME = KNOWN When we know their name, they will open their hearts. When we know where they live, they will open their hands. When you get personal, it gets risky. And it takes risk in order to rescue.

Reggie Joiner (@reggiejoiner), Kara Powell (@kpowellfyi), Karl Vaters (@karlvaters), Dr. Bernice King (@BerniceKing)- Knowing me means knowing my context. You have to find a way to redefine success in ministry. How do you define success in ministry without attaching numbers to it. We should stop making some [churches] feel inferior. If you don't see a grasshopper in the mirror, no one will see a grasshopper in you. If I were to take numbers off the table, would my church be considered a healthy church? The numbers aren't inevitable. Every church is too small to hold all the ministry God wants them to do. You have to be intentional about connecting with people whose stories you don’t know. It’s really about following Jesus, for real. Jesus dared to connect with people when it was prohibited. We have to look in the mirror and examine our own prejudices and seek to rid ourselves of them. The next generation sees humans more than they see colors and races. Light belongs where darkness is. We have to deal with the dark places to truly deal with the dark of the world.

Doug Fields (@dougfields)- When it’s personal to you. When parenting became personal...it became more personal to my ministry. Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when your ministry becomes personal. Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when you draw a crowd, launch a podcast, build a platform. Jesus turns His back on the crowd to care for the one. The Good Shepherd leaves the 99 to chase after the 1. When leadership goes personal, it restores dignity. When leadership goes personal, it builds confidence. Ministry is messy. And sometimes the most beautiful and courageous kind of leadership is when we leave the crowd for the one. The only One Who could throw a stone, didn't pick one up. He loved with forgiveness. This is a BIG conference with BIG ideas from BIG personalities who have BIG problems. You can impress crowds from a distance but you influence people up close. n their darkest hour when suffering was at an all-time high, He loved them when they needed it the most. That's what Jesus does. That's what I think going personal does. You can impress crowds from a distance. But you influence people up close. Don't leave here being seduced by the big. Be motivated for the moments where you can go personal.

Orange Conference Main Session Four #OC19

Good morning! I am so excited about this morning’s opening session! After a SERIOUSLY fun night last night, today’s content will be absolutely phenomenal.

Tom Shefchunas (@coachshef)- Everything in your church changes when relationships matter. #tweetablejustnottrue His church moves on through broken organizations. If small groups become your primary answer, then that ultimately changes everything you do...eventually. It takes time. High quality Christians make high quality connections. Kids don't leave programs, they leave people.

Crystal Chiang (@crystalcchiang)- Do you know my name? When we say their names, it lets them know that we see them. It matters. Knowing someone's name, lets them know that they matter. When you learn their name, you earn the right to get to know them. Who will know their name next? “Sweet girl, there is no next week. This week is the last week.” Getting a Bible for graduation didn't make up for being 'unadopted’. We know as their leader that what's ahead for them, is better than what's here for them. What happens when they graduate from my small group and no one knows their name? We need to be willing to take a step or two into the next phase with our few. You might graduate from this roaster but you can’t graduation from this relationship.

Reggie Joiner, Kristen ivy, Mike Foster, Kara Powell (@reggiejoiner, @kristen_ivy, @mikefoster, @kpowellFYI)- Seen people see people. No one person can know everyone’s name in our ministry. Whenever I look at people, I’m looking at a masterpiece. What if we could recruit the leader who would see the kid sitting on the back row. Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. It's a shame when we tend to pay attention to the students who are around all the time. A lot of the time they are the ones who already have a lot of social support. The tragedy is the church just enforces the social hierarchy that in place in other places.

Danielle Strickland (@djstrickland)- Hear the voices of those who are not being heard. The desire in God's heart is for connection. There's a divine strategy called 'personal.' Let's hear the voices of those who are not being heard. Love has a name. Jesus is the first glowworm in history! Because of what Jesus has done, because of Who Jesus was... relationship and proximity changes everything. The gospel begins to attack oppression through the tiniest relationships. Even through knowing someone's name. e know religious systems. We don't know the way of Jesus very well. You want to move something big, do something small! The way of Jesus is always to the one. You want to move the mountain? It's mustard seed faith. Sometime's they need to know their name. To make it personal is a divine shift, it changes everything. We are the ones to remind people who they are when they need to know their names. Flowers were meant to bloom. “I need God. I was meant to bloom.” -Flower

Orange Conference 2019 Main Session Two #OC19

It’s Thursday morning and day two of Orange Conference 2019! After a great opening session Wednesday night and a full docket of breakouts later this morning and afternoon, Thursday promises to be nothing short of awesome! Thanks for following along!

Craig Jutila- Don't do more than you were designed for.

Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, Mike Foster (@MikeFoster), Nora Jones, Tedashii (@Tedashii) - Do you know what I’ve done? We’re not the sum of our worst moments, our biggest mistakes. Our setbacks can be part of our superpowers. How does our own story get in the way of helping others? We sometimes hijack that moment that was never intended to be about us. Vulnerability, authenticity, openness...are strengths. The power that comes from our pain can either be used to destroy us or fuel our passion to heal and help others. There are so many people living in shame who think they're the only one. The church is the first responders for a generation of kids who need first responders. God is good, even when life is not. Goodness isn’t shaken just because your world is.

Dharius Daniels (@Dharius Daniels)- Your presence on this planet has purpose. You are not some relational accident. Your parents may have been surprised by your arrival, but God was not. What matters to you as a leader will matter to those who follow you. God used words to create everything, not hands. You are not youth workers, you are purpose partners. Language frames the way we see things. This is a room full of world changers. A room full of a spiritual army. We have made a decision to fight for the next generation. God may have used words when it came to creating the universe, earth, plants, animals, etc., but when it came to people, God used His hands. God got His hands dirty when creating us! You have been strategically and purposefully placed on this planet born when, where and how you needed to be born. When we take purpose personally, we understand it's important to help others discover their purpose. Don't see others as an interruption, but an appointment that God didn't put on your calendar. In different seasons, different kids need different voices. Church may be the only place where a person comes to conclusions without asking the questions. If it matters to you, you will sacrifice for it.

  1. Examination- Had to examine if my proclaimed pastoral value were actually priorities.

  2. Investigation- If this mattered to me, I had to put my eyes on it.

  3. Investments- Invest organizational energy and organizational resources