Orange Conference Main Session Six #OC19

We’re back after a welcomed lunch break with another great session of communicators.

Sam Collier (@samcollier)- What you don’t know can hurt you. First lesson Sam learned, you can’t talk to old people that way. The second lesson Sam learned is that sometimes you just have to get out of the way. The third lesson Sam learned is that you’re not allowed to teach your wife anything. What are your blindspots? What leaders are in your life that can look into those dark places and help bring you to higher places? Don’t get some focused on your public image that you miss your personal issues.

Reggie Joiner (@reggiejoiner), Kristen Ivy (@kristen_ivy), Dr. Deborah Tillman (@DeborahLTillman), Dan Scott (@danscott77)- Families need encouragement universally. God had called me to have a mindset to mend them, heart to love them, spirit to serve them. Stop building walls and start building bridges.

Clay Scroggins (@clayscroggins)- No more hiding in church. You’ll never change the way the community sees church until you change the way church sees the community. The only way you'll change the way people see other people is when you start seeing other people. What could we do to start understanding the people outside out building? You take it personally when your connection with someone becomes personal. Jesus was moved not by what they believed, but by what they did because of what they believed. If our goal is to be the hope for the world, we’ve got to stop hiding in our church.

Reggie Joiner, David Salyers (@davidgsalyers)- Do you know what matters to me? The beginning of wisdom is humility. Chick fil A is now known more for their service than their food. Our mission is to improve the story of the people we do business with. How do we improve the stories of those we are trying to reach?