Orange Conference Main Session Five #OC19

WOW!!! What a start to Friday in session four, but don’t worry, session five will pack a heavy punch as well!

Kara Powell (@KPowellFYI)- Helping parents know they measure up. Guilt is feeling bad about what we do, shame is feeling bad about who we are. Jesus makes us enough! We are enough because Jesus makes us enough. 6-13-18-23 represent 4 ages of phases that parents need to know they measure up. You are enough because Jesus made you enough. Jesus is bigger than our mistakes. Sometimes as leaders, we don’t feel like we are enough. At age 6 parents need to know Jesus is bigger than our mistakes At age 13 it is ok for parents to be behind in tech and you could navigate it At age 23 parents need to know that this chapter is choppy but you are enough. Jesus is actually more than enough.

Carlos Whitaker (@loswhit)- Do you know where I Live. Jesus never ministered from a distance, it was always close up. He ministered in the homes of people. The more personal it gets, the messier and riskier it gets. But, ultimately, the more holy it gets. HOME = KNOWN When we know their name, they will open their hearts. When we know where they live, they will open their hands. When you get personal, it gets risky. And it takes risk in order to rescue.

Reggie Joiner (@reggiejoiner), Kara Powell (@kpowellfyi), Karl Vaters (@karlvaters), Dr. Bernice King (@BerniceKing)- Knowing me means knowing my context. You have to find a way to redefine success in ministry. How do you define success in ministry without attaching numbers to it. We should stop making some [churches] feel inferior. If you don't see a grasshopper in the mirror, no one will see a grasshopper in you. If I were to take numbers off the table, would my church be considered a healthy church? The numbers aren't inevitable. Every church is too small to hold all the ministry God wants them to do. You have to be intentional about connecting with people whose stories you don’t know. It’s really about following Jesus, for real. Jesus dared to connect with people when it was prohibited. We have to look in the mirror and examine our own prejudices and seek to rid ourselves of them. The next generation sees humans more than they see colors and races. Light belongs where darkness is. We have to deal with the dark places to truly deal with the dark of the world.

Doug Fields (@dougfields)- When it’s personal to you. When parenting became became more personal to my ministry. Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when your ministry becomes personal. Leadership ultimately becomes powerful when you draw a crowd, launch a podcast, build a platform. Jesus turns His back on the crowd to care for the one. The Good Shepherd leaves the 99 to chase after the 1. When leadership goes personal, it restores dignity. When leadership goes personal, it builds confidence. Ministry is messy. And sometimes the most beautiful and courageous kind of leadership is when we leave the crowd for the one. The only One Who could throw a stone, didn't pick one up. He loved with forgiveness. This is a BIG conference with BIG ideas from BIG personalities who have BIG problems. You can impress crowds from a distance but you influence people up close. n their darkest hour when suffering was at an all-time high, He loved them when they needed it the most. That's what Jesus does. That's what I think going personal does. You can impress crowds from a distance. But you influence people up close. Don't leave here being seduced by the big. Be motivated for the moments where you can go personal.