Orange Conference Main Session 7 #OC19

Bob Goff!

Gerald Fadayomi (@geraldfadayomi)- Do you know what I can do? I know that you are capable of and it’s so much more. Get in the boat. Speak to their need. It requires us to show up. To not just show up Sundays, but be present Mondays through Saturdays. Call them to more. There is no age requirement to be a member of the body of Christ. Students will do more when they're invited to do more. What if we started doing ministry with students instead of just for students. We need you at 5, 6, 7, 10 and all the way to 18. What if we spent more time trying to get student to show up to church and spent more time getting volunteers to show up in their lives.

Bob Goff (@bobgoff)- Everybody Always. I think what we can do is we can speak to people and be available to them. But we need to speak words of love and truth. God needs people who know Scripture and will be available to people and speak to them in love. If you want to be all alone, you're going to hate heaven. Deal with the pieces in the middle, that's what we need to do with young people. Don't make people a project, people are people. We can give people words of correction, but we can do it with love. We ought to talk about people behind their back all the time. We just need to be talking about the right stuff. The world is filled with difficult people, and you're one of them! You want to dazzle Jesus. Go. Be. You. We're going to describe the mystery of the Gospel of Christ but we're all just a little bit afraid. What it's going to take for us to love people, is a little more faith. A courageous person that knew why he was doing what he was doing. There's something beautiful that happens when you get personal. Make it personal with your family. Coffee drinks me to wake up. The thing that makes me unique, can also be my weakest point. We need to bring it back to Jesus. Keeping our eyes fixed on the Author and Creator of Life.