Orange Conference Main Session Four #OC19

Good morning! I am so excited about this morning’s opening session! After a SERIOUSLY fun night last night, today’s content will be absolutely phenomenal.

Tom Shefchunas (@coachshef)- Everything in your church changes when relationships matter. #tweetablejustnottrue His church moves on through broken organizations. If small groups become your primary answer, then that ultimately changes everything you do...eventually. It takes time. High quality Christians make high quality connections. Kids don't leave programs, they leave people.

Crystal Chiang (@crystalcchiang)- Do you know my name? When we say their names, it lets them know that we see them. It matters. Knowing someone's name, lets them know that they matter. When you learn their name, you earn the right to get to know them. Who will know their name next? “Sweet girl, there is no next week. This week is the last week.” Getting a Bible for graduation didn't make up for being 'unadopted’. We know as their leader that what's ahead for them, is better than what's here for them. What happens when they graduate from my small group and no one knows their name? We need to be willing to take a step or two into the next phase with our few. You might graduate from this roaster but you can’t graduation from this relationship.

Reggie Joiner, Kristen ivy, Mike Foster, Kara Powell (@reggiejoiner, @kristen_ivy, @mikefoster, @kpowellFYI)- Seen people see people. No one person can know everyone’s name in our ministry. Whenever I look at people, I’m looking at a masterpiece. What if we could recruit the leader who would see the kid sitting on the back row. Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. It's a shame when we tend to pay attention to the students who are around all the time. A lot of the time they are the ones who already have a lot of social support. The tragedy is the church just enforces the social hierarchy that in place in other places.

Danielle Strickland (@djstrickland)- Hear the voices of those who are not being heard. The desire in God's heart is for connection. There's a divine strategy called 'personal.' Let's hear the voices of those who are not being heard. Love has a name. Jesus is the first glowworm in history! Because of what Jesus has done, because of Who Jesus was... relationship and proximity changes everything. The gospel begins to attack oppression through the tiniest relationships. Even through knowing someone's name. e know religious systems. We don't know the way of Jesus very well. You want to move something big, do something small! The way of Jesus is always to the one. You want to move the mountain? It's mustard seed faith. Sometime's they need to know their name. To make it personal is a divine shift, it changes everything. We are the ones to remind people who they are when they need to know their names. Flowers were meant to bloom. “I need God. I was meant to bloom.” -Flower