Orange Conference 2019 Main Session Two #OC19

It’s Thursday morning and day two of Orange Conference 2019! After a great opening session Wednesday night and a full docket of breakouts later this morning and afternoon, Thursday promises to be nothing short of awesome! Thanks for following along!

Craig Jutila- Don't do more than you were designed for.

Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, Mike Foster (@MikeFoster), Nora Jones, Tedashii (@Tedashii) - Do you know what I’ve done? We’re not the sum of our worst moments, our biggest mistakes. Our setbacks can be part of our superpowers. How does our own story get in the way of helping others? We sometimes hijack that moment that was never intended to be about us. Vulnerability, authenticity, openness...are strengths. The power that comes from our pain can either be used to destroy us or fuel our passion to heal and help others. There are so many people living in shame who think they're the only one. The church is the first responders for a generation of kids who need first responders. God is good, even when life is not. Goodness isn’t shaken just because your world is.

Dharius Daniels (@Dharius Daniels)- Your presence on this planet has purpose. You are not some relational accident. Your parents may have been surprised by your arrival, but God was not. What matters to you as a leader will matter to those who follow you. God used words to create everything, not hands. You are not youth workers, you are purpose partners. Language frames the way we see things. This is a room full of world changers. A room full of a spiritual army. We have made a decision to fight for the next generation. God may have used words when it came to creating the universe, earth, plants, animals, etc., but when it came to people, God used His hands. God got His hands dirty when creating us! You have been strategically and purposefully placed on this planet born when, where and how you needed to be born. When we take purpose personally, we understand it's important to help others discover their purpose. Don't see others as an interruption, but an appointment that God didn't put on your calendar. In different seasons, different kids need different voices. Church may be the only place where a person comes to conclusions without asking the questions. If it matters to you, you will sacrifice for it.

  1. Examination- Had to examine if my proclaimed pastoral value were actually priorities.

  2. Investigation- If this mattered to me, I had to put my eyes on it.

  3. Investments- Invest organizational energy and organizational resources