Orange Conference 2019 Main Session One #OC19

The doors are open and people have flooded in to find their seats. Tonight definitely set the tone for the entire conference as folks like Joseph Sojourner, Reggie Joiner, Jon Acuff, Kristin Ivy, Virginia Ward and more took the stage. Here’s some top quotes from each Main Stage presenter tonight:

Joseph Sojourner (@iamsojourner)- “Each one of us has said that we care about the kids coming up after us!” @iamsojourner

Jon Acuff (@jonacuff)- Everything changes when it’s someone you know. You think that’s the first time I avoided urine on the stage, it’s not. You’re here because someone made it personal for you. Businesses that don’t make it personal…When you make it personal, you make it 3D. If your hustle costs you people, your hustle is too expensive. Do you want to change the world? Change one person's life. When you ask someone what they need, they become visible and valuable. When it’s personal, people are not an interruption they are the reason we do what do. Church is fast pace. But if your hustle cost you people, then your hustle is too expensive. There’s 8000 people in here tonight who are representing millions of stories outside of this place.

Virginia Ward (@vawardwow)- It’s easy to feel invisible as a teenager, especially when they don’t feel in to those boxes. The church should be the place for a kid to find hope. The church honored her personal worth. The respected her personal voice. They invested in her personal dreams. Jesus came to show humans how to love God. Jesus became human to show us how to love humans.

Kristen Ivy (@Kristen_Ivy)- Stop being so shallow. Personal is the opposite of shallow. We can all be a little bit shallow at times. You’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable or your ministry will always be a bit shallow. Nobody needs to be seen by everybody. Everybody needs somebody to see them. Including you. You can’t stop being shallow unless you learn to see someone. We still have some work we've got to do on ourselves.

Reggie Joiner (@reggiejoiner)- Everybody needs somebody to see them like Jesus does. It was clear no one in the crowd saw Zacchaeus the way Jesus did. Something remarkable can happen when we see people the way Jesus does. What Jesus wanted to bring to Zacchaeus was something that would ultimately change what his life perspective was. You can’t really be personal with a crowd, you can only be personal with a person. Jesus took the time to enter into Zacchaeus' every day context. Jesus doesn't let the crowd determine his opinion and love for people. Jesus took the time to understand someone the crowd detested. Jesus had a way of replacing shame with hope. When someone smarter and wiser sees our potential, we start believing in it as well. We all need someone to see us. Here’s 5 life-changing questions every church needs to know the answer to:

  1. Do you know their name?

  2. Do you know what matters to them?

  3. Do you know where they live?

  4. Do you know what they’ve done?

  5. Do you know what they can do?

We are so programmed to see what is wrong and bad in the world. Jesus showed up to say 'You are worth redeeming! You can love someone. And you can change. When all of a sudden you live in a culture of hopelessness, we need a generation of leaders who lean into kids. When kids are known and they know they're known, they face life in a different way. The voice of the enemy will tell you that you can't change. But, the voice of God is trying to tell you, if you will just listen, that you CAN change.