Do You Have Five Minutes?

This question keeps running through my head, “David, do you have five minutes?” As I think about my response, I automatically think about all the things I have scheduled into my 1,440 minutes of the day. Here lately my minutes have been consumed with VBS prep as it’s just a few days away before we welcome hundreds of children and I lead a couple hundred teenagers and adults for the entire week. On top of VBS prep and follow through, there’s summer camp coming up, Promotion Sunday, launching a new format on Sunday mornings, communicating with small group leaders, parents, staff, boss, and the list goes on and on. I’m sure you can relate to this in your workplace as well. I haven’t even touched on home life yet. “Dad, can we go get something to eat?” Or the one I’m hearing a lot lately, “Dad, I don’t need anything.” (That one is from my two-year-old.) “Dave, can you help with this project?” or "Can you go pick this up from the store?” I’m not complaining about an ounce of it either, but it’s hard to find five minutes of time when all of these things are happening around me. 

That has not stopped the question from popping up in my head over and over though. It’s like, “David, you’re ignoring the question”. Some would take my silence and lack of response as the answer to their question, but apparently, He (God) won’t. You see, up until now, I’ve not introduced you to the WHO of the question asking that has prompted this blog post. It’s mainly out of guilt and wanting to cast that question on to others, instead of answering it myself. You ever do that? Does God ever bring something up to you, for you, and you immediately try to throw it off as being for someone else? I have and still do, regrettably. I can list a handful of folks right now who need to give God five minutes of their time, but that’s not my job, that’s His, and He wants five minutes of my time when He asks for it. So, take it from me, when God asks you for five minutes out of the 1,440 He gives YOU today, stop what your doing, remove all distractions, and give Him what He has been asking for. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to give God the five minutes He’s been asking me to give Him for a few days now.