Gearing Up for Summer

School is winding down and the heat is turning up, that must mean one thing: summer is nearly here. For most, summer is a time of vacations, hours in/by the pool and lots of sno-cones/popsicles. For you who are serving in Children’s Ministry, summer is a key opportunity to reach families who may be looking for a place to worship when school is ready to start back up. Here’s some ways to fully maximize your summer and to leave kids and families wanting to come back for more. 

  1. Make Vacation Bible School the absolute best experience a child will have all summer. For many churches, VBS is the largest outreach centered “event” that the church will do all year. With that thought in mind, equip your staff and volunteers with that mentality and watch the Lord work through each of them and into the lives of many boys, girls and parents.

  2. If your church has the capacity, get wet and wild this summer. Nothing says summer like slip 'n slides, swimming pools and water balloons. Find a way for your kids to get wet and have fun this summer!

  3. One of my favorite things to do every summer is to take popsicles and cold bottles of water to local parks and pass them out until I run out. They are easy conversation starters and lets your community know that you are there and ready to serve. The cost is very minimal and the Return On Investment is the potential for new families in your church over the summer or in the fall.

There’s certainly many, many ways to make this summer effective for your ministry and church. These are just a few things that I’ll be implementing and wanted to share with you. Whatever you do this summer, may it point kids and families to Jesus and may they fill the walls of your church soon!