Orange Conference- Main Session 6 #OC18

This session included the following speakers: Dr. John Townsend, Tom Shefchunus, Sam Collier, Reggie Joiner, Virginia Ward, Lee Jenkins, and Carlos Whitaker. Here's some great notes from these amazing leaders: 

We can do more together when we invite others to show us our blind spots- Dr. John Townsend, Tom Shefchunus

Why does every leader need to deal with their blind spots?

Blind spot- tendency I’m not aware of

4 common blindspots- perception of having to have it together, to put tasks before relationship, conflict avoidness, harsh judge

How to give someone permission to speak into your blindspot- If you see me doing anything that would drive my life, my family or my leadership off a cliff, can I trust you to tell me way ahead of time? 

We can do more together when we help others find their voice- Sam Collier

Kids want to be apart of something bigger than themselves. They want their voices to roar. It’s in you, it’s in me. We all want to find our voice.

How do we help the next gen to find their voice? 

A mentor shows up in critical times to speak relational truths. 

If you don’t stop trading your dreams for lust, you’re going to kill yourself.

Preachers inform, mentors transform. Mentors transform, sponsors platform.

We can do more together when we act like their problems are our problems- Reggie Joiner, Lee Jenkins, Carlos Whitaker, Virginia Ward, Sam Collier

If we don’t confront something, we can’t cure it. 

The asterisk on America is how we’ve dealt with race. 

The church should model racial unity in the whole world. 

I want you guys to have the conversation that you have when there isn’t a white person at the table. 

It is so imperative that the people of God have this conversation. @virginiaward

Go home and have this conversation at home. @loswhit Carlos Whitaker

As a minority, we live out of our history. - Sam Collier

We have our opinions, because our experiences and history are different. -Lee Jenkins

We have to learn each other and love each other. @Virginia Ward

What do we do about this? Read John 4 and how He dealt with a minority, a Samaritan woman

Listen to each other, we need you to believe us, befriend us, start to gain compassion (you care about people you know), stand up for us . Lee Jenkins