Orange Conference- Main Session 5 #OC18

Here's some takeaways from this session featuring Dr. Deborah Tillman, Kristen Ivy, Reggie Joiner, Jon Acuff, Jen Hatmaker, and Kara Powell:

We can do more together when we give every preschooler a better foundation- Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, Dr. Deborah Tillman

Why does community for preschool teachers matter? Teachers feel alone. 

We have to think of young children as little human beings. We really need to instill everything. We have to look at the whole child as a being. The more we sow into a child as a full being, the more will they reach that full potential.

Leave a legacy. Everybody in this room has the power to reach their divine destiny within themselves.

We can do more together when we help parents be more intentional at home. -Jon Acuff

Parenting is hard because sometimes it’s hard to be honest with people. 

Empathy- it’s understanding what someone needs and then acting on it. 

When a kid tells you a secret, your response is “thank you for trusting me.”

We can do more together when we help parents be more intentional at home -Jen Hatmaker

Barna tells us that by the time a kid/student is 29, 80% will be out of the church.

This generation of kids require safe spiritual environments where struggles are safe to be discussed. They have to be allowed to wrestle with truth without being shamed, or we will lose them. 

How can we value every single family, even if they are skeptical, wounded or have their arms crossed? 

You don’t have to be the coolest person they know. You don’t have to know the terms they know. You can get away with wearing pleated Dockers, you don’t have to be the most amazing teachers, you don’t have to have all the answers. Love your spouse, live on mission, show them how to love God as a grown up. Well done trumps well said.

Love the disruptive kid. When you invest in that kid, the one who drives you crazy, there is something good inside that kid. It matters. 

We can do more together when we help parents be more intentional at home. -Kara Powell

Does your church help parents win or does it help parents help your church win? 

How we see parents of students- chauffeurs, checkbooks, chaperones

If you want to change how parents see your church maybe you need to change how your church see parents. 

You don’t have to like every parent for every parent to have more influence than you.