The Trials of this Life...

Today is such a special day for me as my family celebrates the birth of our baby now in Heaven, Asher Duke Maddron. He would have been four years old today (March 12).

One of the things that I've learned through the birth, short lifespan, death of Asher, is that God wants to use our trials in life to help others. After all, those trials have given us the ability to experience things that are often times extremely difficult to navigate through at the time. God has allowed a platform to be created for you to share of His goodness, faithfulness, and nearness with others that may be going through a similar situation that you once went through.

I recall just a couple of weeks after Asher had passed away, Misti and I were asked to visit with a very young couple who had just lost their newborn baby due to a heart defect. We couldn't relate to the heart defect, but we could certainly relate to the loss of such an incredible miracle, and that's what we shared with that family.

Instances such as the death of a child or other major life changing events are so much more than what you and I can handle on our own. We need the strength and presence of the Lord to carry us through those seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. People need to hear your story because it's worth sharing and it's worth seeing people grasp just a bit of hope while going through their situation. Would you consider sharing your trials with someone today? Tomorrow? This week? This month? This year?