Beginning 2018 with a Bang!

Hello, 2018! It's nice to meet you! So far, you've been pretty good to me although it's been a bit cold! 

It is a new year with new dreams and for a lot of us, a new direction in ministry. For me personally, I've been praying for some new innovation in my ministry and it hasn't taken long for that to happen. 

Have you ever tried something that many folks look at you and say, "what are you doing?" Well, that's where I'm at this week. I am trying something that for many around me, seems so foreign but in my mind, it makes so much sense. I am hosting a vision casting meeting online. 

You may be like a few others around me who really put that idea into question. I get it. It's really out there "ideas" wise but that's part of the reason I believe in doing this meeting online. It's so outside the box. It's innovative in my environment and yet, folks can be in the comforts of their homes or wherever they find themselves to attend. Here's the really bold piece to this, not only am I hosting it online, I'm doing it on Facebook Live. WOW!!!!! I know, I know. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Here's my basis for this, folks are on Facebook, right? The folks that I want to reach the most are on there and if I can pull them together for just a few minutes on a Thursday evening, from the comforts of their home or wherever they find themselves, then I am winning! It's unconventional and perhaps may be a total bust, but it's the best place to gather the folks I've targeted, it doesn't cost me or the church anything from a staffing standpoint and I get to share with this targeted group my heart. 

So, 2018 is starting off with a bang for me. I'd love to hear from you on how 2018 is starting off. What are your thoughts on my meeting plan? How are you being innovative in 2018?