Orange Conference Day 2

The day started with YouLead labs that are so good in helping you grow further in ministry. You get four breakouts that vary in topics and specific ministries.

My first breakout was led by Mike Clear and he spoke on A Year Long Strategy for Parents of Elementary Kids. Great stuff. We've got to partner with our parents. They are seeking help with parenting and turning anywhere and everywhere but the church for that help.

The second breakout was on creating family experiences that wow your community. FX gives churches the opportunity to put adults in a service designed for kids so that you can get parents excited about what you are teaching their children. It's an incredible opportunity and one I encourage you to take advantage of.

Sue Miller did today what she does best, spoke big things into the importance of taking care of our volunteers. She led my third session. She is a great person to connect with on social media so I'd like to encourage you to find her on twitter @suemiller01 or Facebook.

Breakout four was on the Weekly initiative. What a great tool that I've been using for 2 years now. It really makes life easier when done properly.

Wrapping up the day was the opening main session. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was the theme and folks like Jon Acuff and Reggie Joiner spoke so well on the importance of the church being For Our Neighbors.

That's just a brief look at the day. Things crank up again Thursday morning so come along!