Giving the Gift of God's Word at Christmas

I received an unexpected phone call recently that provoked me to question every gift I've ever bought my children. The phone call was from a local organization asking if our organization (Asher's Rainbow) would be willing to provide Bibles for two local families. Of course, we would that's what our organization does. You can read more about Asher's Rainbow here

In speaking with the CEO of this organization, she mentioned that the children specifically asked for God's Word this Christmas. The children were living in less than stellar housing and after learning a bit more about the families, these bibles might be a combination of just a couple of things each child receives for Christmas. WOW! No video game systems, phones, dolls, or a myriad of other highly popular gifts that parents wait hours for outside a store on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. No super fancy shoes or clothes or makeup or perfume. God's Word. These kids want God's Word for Christmas. Just soak that in a bit. 

I feel so ashamed as a parent because my kids aren't yearning for a new Bible this year. Now, there's also nothing wrong with the bibles they each own, but to just sense the hunger, literally for God's Word has stopped me in my tracks. My closet is full of high dollar presents that my kids will no doubt enjoy and yet, the Lord saw fit to open my eyes a bit more by providing His Word for two families. POWERFUL! 

Merry Christmas y'all! I don't say that sarcastically although, in the back of my mind, I won't be viewing our time around the Christmas tree the same this year. I hope that your eyes, ears and heart can be opened this Christmas just as mine was.